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Can video production help my online presence?

The online world can be a difficult thing to navigate as a local business or nonprofit. You have a product or service that is great, and really helps people, but how do you get that product or service out in the world?

How do you position your business to have the online presence it deserves?

At Check It Productions we help local businesses and nonprofits strengthen their online presence. We work to understand our clients wherever they are at, develop a plan, and give them video and photo content to take their online presence up a level.

Check it productions has helped massage therapists, and carpet cleaners, and auto dealers, and real estate agents, and churches, and nonprofits of all kinds clarify their message and promote themselves online.

About Bryan Marine

I have always been using my creative skills to make ideas stand out.

I first started making videos just out of high school in 2000. Back then I had a VHS camcorder, and did the editing reel to reel by connecting two VCRs together.

I started my career at a nonprofit called Campus Life. I ran a club for middle and high school students, but was always making videos to help keep the kids engaged. Soon I was responsible for producing videos for fundraising banquets featuring stories of impact.

I had always dreamed about starting my own video production company, but the big revelation happened in 2010 when I helped launch a new church startup. We had this crazy ideas to release 30 videos in 30 days to raise 30k for the launch. It was crazy.

We made it through, and it was a huge success! We had created established a brand and assembled a tribe, and it was all through using distributing videos online.

Shortly after that experience I had someone approach me and ask how much I charge for my video production services. I had never thought about it before, so I thought it was time to start my video production company.

It took some time to build up the tools needed, but in 2014 I launch my business under the name 500 Dollar Video. I wanted to help as many people as I could, and for a price that was affordable.

Fast forward 3 years, and I decided to make a change in name and mission.

Check It Productions is born!

The shift was for a few reasons. I wanted to do more than just quick little videos. I wanted to really help businesses and nonprofits by creating videos and photos that had a purpose behind them.

For startups, I want to help you launch into existence. And for existing companies, I want to help you strengthen your online presence, or launch new products and services.

To show off what you have to offer the world.

To say to the world…

Check It!

Feel free to watch some examples of my work here.

Or email me at info@checkitproductions.com to start the conversation.